Four Ways to Destroy a Healthy Smile

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There are some people that like the color yellow. After all, yellow is the color of daffodils, honey, and the sun. But even if you are a fan of the color and do all of your decorating in yellow, it’s probably not the color you want your smile to be. In fact, yellow teeth are downright disgusting.

Apart from the ugliness of yellow teeth, it is a color that signals other potential problems of tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque build-up is yellow, tartar is yellow, and it grows darker the worse it gets until it becomes brown, another gross color when associated with teeth. Teeth are supposed to be white and bright—clean-looking and fresh feeling.

There are things you can do that are guaranteed to turn your teeth yellow. Whatever you do, don’t do the four things below:

-Smoking and Chewing Tobacco
In this day and age, with the health risks well-known, it is a wonder why there are still people that smoke and chew tobacco. These are surefire ways to get yellow teeth.

-Drinking Beverages that Stain
Cola, energy drinks, red wine, coffee, tea, to name but a few. Check the labels for staining colors and agents like tannin. Apart from their teeth staining ingredients, high sugar content and caffeine also carry with them risks to your dental health.

-Neglecting Brushing and Flossing
It sounds incredible, but there are some people that don’t brush and floss every day. If you don’t brush at least 2x a day with a toothpaste that contains fluoride, you are lacking in proper frequency. Flossing needs to be done at least 1x a day. Forgetting this essential dental health ritual is begging for tooth decay and gum disease.

-Missing Dental Visits
No matter how loyal you are at brushing and flossing, not visiting the dentist is surely going to lead to a lot of expensive dental follow-up work down the road. Professional cleanings and fluoride treatment is needed 2x a year to stave off plaque build-up between visits, and your dentist can’t catch serious oral issues unless you come in for checkups.

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