Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that addresses the inside of the tooth. This includes dentists who study and treat the tooth’s interior, or the dental pulp. This dental structure holds the living part of the tooth and encases the nerves and blood vessels sustaining the tooth. Damage to this part of the tooth can cause intense pain and distress to the patient. Without treatment, the infection can spread, worsening and eventually causing the death of the tooth. Once the tooth dies, the only option left is to remove the tooth completely and proceed with dental prosthetics.

One of the most common endodontic treatments is a root canal. Dr. Monica Y. Patel and Dr. Dilip Dudhat work to make this treatment comfortable and effective for each patient. Once damage to a tooth reaches past the enamel of the tooth and affects the endodontic structure, prompt treatment is needed. A root canal can save the tooth and avoid a tooth extraction. Our dentists will remove any damaged tissue from the internal structure of the tooth using our iTero® imaging technology. The cleaned site will then be filled with a protective material and capped with a restorative dental cap or crown. The root canal treatment is quick and effective and American Dental Associates completes the procedure with our experienced anesthesiologist. If you have questions about our endodontic procedures, or to schedule a root canal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, call our office at 215-331-1330.