Philadelphia Laser Gum Therapy Treatment – LANAP

LANAPLaser Gum Therapy Philadelphia® is a laser therapy treatment that can offer a more effective and less painful alternative to traditional gum disease surgery. This patented treatment treats the source of periodontal disease and bacteria growth. The LANAP laser first removes bacteria and any afflicted tissue from the mouth. Our dental team then reaches into the accessible portions of the tooth root to remove sources of bacteria growth, such as build-up and plaque. After this, the laser is again used to sterilize the treatment site and the connecting tissue is replaced.

There are many benefits to using LANAP over traditional surgery, including:

  • Without incisions or stitches, the treatment is easier to perform
  • More comfortable throughout the procedure and during recovery
  • Less time in the dentist chair, LANAP requires less visits to the dentist
  • LANAP is less invasive than normal gum, patients have a faster recovery
  • LANAP preserves gum and bone tissue, leading to better recovery and results in the future
  • LANAP laser therapy is performed in a safe and sterile manner, and is considered conservative even for patients with medical conditions that may interfere with other treatments

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With extensive training and high tech equipment, our Philadelphia laser periodontal therapy allows individuals to take advantage of this newer, cost effective gum treatment option at our local office.  Contact us to learn more about laser gum surgery and how it can improve your oral health!