Are you looking for a brighter, whiter smile? Our dentists, Dr. Monica Y. Patel and Dr. Dilip Dudhat, work together to give each patient the new smile they have been looking for. Over time, the tooth can often become sullied and stained, causing your smile to look duller and less vibrant. Sources of discoloration can either be extrinsic or intrinsic—effecting either the outer enamel or the inner dentin of the dental structure—or could simply be the result of time and age.

Common extrinsic causes include strongly-tinted drinks, such as cola, coffee, or wine, as well as tobacco use.

Intrinsic causes come from a wide variety of sources, including:

  • Dental trauma to a permanent tooth, either before or after eruption
  • Early, excessive fluoride use
  • Exposure to tetracycline antibiotics either in the womb or early in life
  • Dentinogenesis imperfecta, a rare condition that causes teeth to turn amber, purple, or grey

If part of the enamel has been thinned or worn away, the teeth can take on a yellow tinge. Whatever the cause, American Dental Associates can get you a whiter smile. Our office offers a variety of whitening treatments in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that are safe, effective and have noticeable results. Contact our office at 215-331-1330, to learn how our dental team can help you!