At American Dental Associates in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, dentures and other restorative prosthetics are made at the convenience and need of our patients. Dentures are dental appliances that replace missing or removed teeth. These appliances help the patient regain both the function and appearance of their teeth. At our office, our patients have the options of either complete or partial dentures.

  • Partial dentures can function in parallel with existing teeth. Like bridges or crowns, partial dentures can blend and work naturally with what teeth a patient does have, though dentures are removable, not fixed appliances.
  • Complete dentures can restore a complete dental arch, or both dental arches, if needed by the patient. This appliance will replace all of the teeth located in the arch, so ask our dentists whether a complete, rather than a partial, arch works best for you.

In the past, denture models were often inflexible and even uncomfortable for patients. With advancements in dental technology and construction, our practice can provide better, more beautiful models to our patients. Our dentures are customizable, with upgrades and individual features that can be discussed with our dentists. Contact our office at 215-331-1330, where Dr. Dilip Dudhat and Dr. Monica Y. Patel will answer any question you have about your existing or upcoming dentures.