Need to have a tooth removed? Nervous about the procedure? Alleviate your worries and contact American Dental Associates at 215-331-1330 to schedule a dental extraction. With Dr. Monica Y. Patel and Dr. Dilip Dudhat’s gentle and efficient care, you don’t have to worry about long, painful, procedures. Our dentists do their best to avoid extractions, but when necessary, make sure that your tooth removal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, goes as smoothly as possible. Common causes for tooth removal include:

  • Severe decay that has made restoration work unfeasible or impossible
  • A long-term or extreme infection has destroyed tooth or associated bone
  • Overcrowding of the teeth have interfered with the bite, dental structure or orthodontic work within the mouth
  • First, primary or “baby” teeth may block the emergence of permanent, adult teeth.
  • The third molars may necessitate a “wisdom teeth removal” to prevent future infection or pain

Each patient’s mouth will be examined thoroughly before their removal procedure, both directly and through our imaging systems, to help guide your tooth removal. Ask our dental professionals if you have any concerns about your extraction or to address any medical or health concerns that may complicate the procedure. Call our office at 215-331-1330 or stop by our location in Philadelphia, to reach our dental team at American Dental Associates.