Philadelphia Crown Lengthening

Is excess gum tissue interfering with your orthodontic treatment? Or are you self-conscious over a “gummy” smile? Our dental team provides crown lengthening in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to help patients reshape gum and bone tissue. This reshaping exposes a larger portion of the tooth, giving patients a more prominent smile. Crown lengthening can also make it easier for American Dental Associates to perform restorative procedures.

When gum tissue covers the bulk of the tooth, or if a partially destroyed tooth is covered by the gum line, it can be difficult for our dentists to plant dental bridges or crowns. With reshaping, one or more teeth can be “lengthened” and allow a larger workspace for your treatment.

Our dental professionals may recommend a cleaning before the procedure begins, as well as a temporary crown for shortened or damaged teeth. Our dentists will apply local anesthesia so they can work more gently and thoroughly. After removing the gum or bone tissue, the surgical area will be cleaned, stitched and any temporary crowns will be replaced. Be sure to follow any post-surgical cleaning or care instructions given to you. If you have questions about an upcoming crown lengthening, or to schedule an appointment, call our office at 215-331-1330.