Philadelphia Dental Crowns

If cracks, decay, or weakened tooth structure threaten your smile, American Dental Associates may have the solution. If the tooth is past being repaired by regular dental fillings, you may want to talk to our dentists about more extensive restorative dental treatments in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Also known as dental caps, dental crowns can repair teeth that have moderate or major damage or decay. Our dental team uses our advanced iTero® imaging system to identify and remove damaged tissue. Then the crown is fitted over the tooth’s site, reaching down to the gum line. This complete covering both protects the tooth and restores it to its original shape and function. Our crown materials are durable and made to last and can be used in conjunction with other restorative procedures, to better restore a patient’s smile.

Some of the benefits of a dental crown are:

  • Strengthens a tooth weakened by injury or disease
  • Improves the look or function of a misshapen tooth
  • Supports an extensive filling
  • Completes a dental bridge or implant
  • Protects the structure of a tooth after a root canal

Our experienced dental team will make sure the procedure for your dental crown in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, goes well. Our dentists work together to provide you with information on your restorative treatment and make you feel comfortable throughout your visit. Call American Dental Associates at 215-331-1330 to schedule a dental crown or if you have any questions.